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  • PONTOONS UNDERCARRIAGE ULTRATREX excavator amphibi / swamp / rawa-rawa

PONTOONS UNDERCARRIAGE ULTRATREX excavator amphibi / swamp / rawa-rawa

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PONTOONS UNDERCARRIAGE ULTRATREX excavator amphibi / swamp / rawa-rawa

jual ponton track link untuk excavator swamp / amphibi. Untuk memodifikasi excavator darat menjadi excavator amphibi dibutuhkan penggantian under carriage, yaitu menggantinya dengan PONTOON undercarriage yang ada track link-nya, agar bisa terapung dan berjalan diatas air. Jual excavator amphibi, excavator cocok untuk pengerukan empang, danau, sungai, pantai, tambak. jual juga high post type excavator, grapple, Hydraulic Clamshell, Hydraulic Rock Grab, ripper, hidrolik breaker.

Silakan lihat video di: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5gbq4en0qk

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Abdul Lathif

HP: 081241346651 atau 081241888131 atau 085255816221

Email: abd.lathif@ yahoo.co.id ATAU : lathif@ ultratrex.co.id ( jangan copy paste email, atau hilangkan spasi yang ada)


FEATURES: • Pontoons: Structural grade tensile plate is used for the fabrication of the pontoons. The goal is to construct a high strength and durable base structure without being overly heavy, hampering its efficiency. The pontoon is designed to be able to float on water as an added safety feature. It has 3 water compartments hermetically sealed with individual manhole for easy access from outside for inspection and preventive maintenance. • Drive Motor: Planetary drive with axle piston motors fitted at both ends of each pontoon. Two active drive motors propelling each pontoon provide twice the tracking power and it is virtually undeterred in any terrain. A similar concept applies to a full time 4x4 gear system of a land vehicle. • Track Chain: Each pontoon comes with 3 strands of heavy duty track chain constructed by high grade steel, replaceable hardened roller, pin and brushing; track shoes/ cleats supported by 3 strands of track chain provide the advantage of uniform pulling force and superior weight distribution across each track shoe/ cleat. • Sprockets, Rollers & Bushings: The hard working sprockets, rollers and bushings ( embedded within the rollers) are made from hardened steel, reducing the frequency of replacement and costly down time. Rollers are travelling on a strip of wear resistance steel plate, preventing any form of premature wearing to the pontoons. OPTIONAL ITEMS: • Motorized Hydraulic Extension System for Pontoon Extraction and Retraction. • Vice Pontoons with Motorized Spuds.